Eluxgo EC19C Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Compact Bagless
Eluxgo EC19C Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Washable Vacuum Filter
Eluxgo EC19C Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Long Lasting
Eluxgo EC19C Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Small and Compact
Eluxgo EC19C Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Remove Dirt and Dust
Eluxgo EC19C Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Household Cleaning Attachment

EC19C Lightweight and Portable Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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EC19C Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Quiet | New & Improved Squeaky Clean Floors

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Vacuum in style. Remove even the most stubborn of stains and the tiniest of dust to make your homes and floors squeaky clean. What's more? Lifetime free supply of filters!

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• Weight: 0.84kg (Vacuum Unit)
• Voltage: 7.4V 
• Max Power: 45/80W 
• Battery: Lithium-ion 2000mAh
• Dual Power: 30min in Normal mode / 15min in Power mode

• Bed brush that cleans the bed thoroughly without tugging the sheet.
• Crevice tool that reaches
 tight crevices and space so that you won’t miss out on any hard-to-reach spots.
• Angled bristle brush that cleans up uneven surfaces quickly, and sweeps up dust and debris in small areas effectively.
• Floor brush is a flexible floor brush that cleans wide areas and around every corner. 
• Storage base to store vacuum cleaner accessories.
• Adapter to charge full and ready to use.

• x2 Extension pipes that are light and durable vacuum cleaner extension pipes enhance your cleaning experience.

✅ 1 Year Warranty For All Parts Except Battery
✅ 6 Month Warranty For Battery

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Eluxgo one year warranty electrical goods 

Eluxgo EC19C Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Handheld

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