Clean and Disinfect Your Home with Eluxgo Microfiber Mops

Mircofiber Mop Mops

Are you still using an old traditional mop? Do you still carry a bucket full of water around the house to mop the house? After a great amount of effort and the floor is still not as clean?

Maybe it’s time to ditch that old mop and start to clean the floor with a microfiber mop. 

No more dipping your hands inside the dirty water to wring the mop head. No more bending down to remove stains or reaching hard-to-reach areas which can cause body aches.

Eluxgo mops

Introducing Eluxgo Mops
Make a switch, from a traditional mop to a microfiber mop now. Eluxgo mops can help you clean the floor in a breeze. 

Eluxgo Magic Mop Z9+
Eluxgo Magic Mop Z9+ is a one bucket-mop set creatively invented for easy washing with a force-induced water scrapper. A powerful scraper that removes debris and dirty water from the microfiber mop. The self-wringing mop has a unique up and down action, it simply requires a manual push and pull of the mop-up and down to extrude water out to the bucket quickly without the use of flowing water. It is slim and light, it is a compact size to save space. What’s more, it is suitable for use on windows and doors, designed for all ages.

Eluxgo A2 Cationic Disinfectant Stain Removal (Refill 250ml)

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Eluxgo Spray Mop S6
Eluxgo Spray Mop S6 is a spray-affixed mop that is effective, quick, and easy to use. Just add detergent to the bottle (260ml) or essential oils (to protect the wooden floor) and mop away! It requires significantly less water, produces fine mist for even spray and convenient cleaning. It can tackle any mess. Picks up dust from any surfaces effectively. You can clean up any accidents and spillages too. It is ideal on any floor surfaces. Use it wet or dry, the microfiber cloth is great for wiping dirt, water and removing hair on flat surfaces.

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