A Disinfectant that can Clean and Disinfect Surfaces at the Same Time

Disinfectant Spray Germs Virus

Are you planning to invite some friends to come over to your house this coming weekend?

Don't worry. Wipe down all the surfaces and clean the floor with Eluxgo A2 Disinfectant Spray. It can clean and disinfects surfaces at the same time. Quick and effectively disinfect surfaces and items in your house.

Just dilute liquid according to the dilution table at the adjacent page for specific usages.

Specific Area Usage Toilets / Sinks / Garbage Dump
Recommended Dilution Add 1¼ caps of concentrate
into a 250ml spray bottle and fill it with water.
特定区域使用 厕所 / 水槽 / 垃圾场
推荐稀释 将 1¼ 盖浓缩液加入250毫升喷雾瓶中,并装满水。

Specific Area Usage Common Surfaces - Mirrors / Work Desk / Wall Tiles

Recommended Dilution Add 2½ caps of concentrate
into a 500ml bottle and fill it with water.
特定区域使用 普通表面 - 镜子 / 办公桌 / 墙砖
推荐稀释 将 2½ 盖浓缩液加入500毫升的瓶子中,并装满水。

Specific Area Usage Floors / Toys / Objects
Recommended Dilution Add 7½ caps of concentrate
into a 1.5 liter bottle and fill it with water.

特定区域使用 地板 / 玩具 / 物品
推荐稀释 将 盖浓缩物加入1.5升瓶中,并装满水。

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