Solution for cleaning your home effortlessly? Vacuum Cleaners

Cordless Cyclone Vacuum Easy-cleaning Eluxgo Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

When people think about vacuum cleaners, the first few things that comes to our minds might be :
  1. Costly
  2. Heavy
  3. Noisy
  4. Bulky
We often related vacuum cleaners to being expensive, and even when we own one, storing or keeping it away after cleaning can be a hassle.
Vacuum cleaners tend to be really noisy. You can tell how frequent your neighbours clean their homes just by hearing the loud noises made by vacuum cleaners.
Also, manoeuvring around tough with wired vacuum cleaners. (But we gotta agree, we did enjoy rewinding the plug back.)
Lastly, their bags. The foul smell vacuum cleaners gives out when their dust bags are full, also when their users are reluctant/lazy to change it.
Should I still own a vacuum cleaner?
Well, technology is always improving, so are vacuum cleaners and its cost too.
At Eluxgo, we bring you the lightest, quietest, elegant and affordable Vacuum cleaner. Quality Assured. It has safety mark and comes with two suctions speed. But most of all, a reliable and dedicated service team.
First of all, How light it really is?
Answer: It is lesser then 0.85kg. There is no excuse to be tired after cleaning anymore!
How quiet or how much decibels does it produce?
Answer: Only 0.84db on silent mode, it is as quiet or soft as your daily conversations. You can now clean your home at night, once a week, you neighbour wouldn't know!
Sleeping Girl on the bed
Is it wireless?
Answer: Yes, it is made with Lithium-Ion Batteries, portable and convenient! you can even vacuum your Cars!
Lastly, it is easy to store it as it is designed to be displayed!
Below are some of its usage:
SVC1019L, your choice to effortless cleaning! Hurry get yours now!